Life Lately

I've been trying really hard to overcome the 'overwhelmedness' of my life right now. There is so much to do that I just have to leave. Last weekend, we had perfect November weather and I should have cleaned up the bikes and put them in the shed, and put up the Christmas lights, and cleaned out the garage, and repainted the top of the dining room table!! (okay, the table was just something I wanted to do!) Instead, I studied for an exam, wrote an essay, reviewed the essay, went on a date with my sweetie, went to the temple with my sweetie, my mom and another good friend, and took my daughter and her friend to a baptism in another nearby city. That was during the time I could have been doing all those other "important" things like Christmas lights. Now it is snowing, and cold and all those nice weather jobs are put on hold.
That is how my life is going right now, but I know that I am supposed to be doing this. In fact, as I was wondering if I should just quit, two different people on different days, that I hadn't seen in years, happened onto my life path. They had both taken the same degree that I have just started, both are mothers, and both encouraged me to keep going- the hardest part was at the beginning. I know that there is something that I am supposed to accomplish in my life and I need this knowledge to accomplish it. So I just have to forget the lights, and the messy garage, and the rest of that kind of stuff, and fit into my day whatever I can. All those things will either fit in when there is time, or drop out altogether.