In Real Life

Dr. Neufeld's theory put to practice.....

Son wants to go this weekend and visit his nephew for his nephew's sixth birthday.  I can't take him so I am been looking for a ride. There are no possibilities for a ride all week, when SUDDENLY  Friday after school a friend/relative calls to say they have room to take both of the boys.  

son gets very anxious, even one else is home...he calls me on my cell phone...
"I am NOT going...I am NOT packing...I am NOT !"  

I quietly reflect on what he is really saying,
"I am anxious about this sudden change of plans"

I tell him that he doesn't need to worry about whether or not he is going.  I have is great we can talk...get a suitcase of the, he doesn't need to decide whether or not to go...[I make a mad dash home from a nearby city going far too fast]...list off the things one by one he needs to pack [while continuing to talk to him] let him know that while he is away, I will be calling him in the morning and at night [find a car traveling even faster than I am and keep right behind it]  he lists off what he has packed and I talk to him about seeing him in a few minutes when I get home [checking off in my mind what else he needs to do before he leaves] tell him I have to call his Dad and brother, but I will call him back as soon as I am done [call them and assign Dad to go look for bro...then call son back]...glad I can talk to him again and tell him how I will be home soon and see what he has packed...then ask him to get something to eat...and suggest a few treats which he refuses to get but he keeps on talking and packing [my cell phone is on speaker phone hanging on my visor...student's version of hands-free]

I tell him that I am pulling into the driveway...he sounds relieved. I turn off the phone and come into the house.  I give him a hug and tell him how glad I am to be there with him.  He shows me his suitcase and I get the treats for him to take.  He again tells me he isn't going anywhere.  
Dad and bro come home, I help him pack and soon we are ready to go.  
Son keeps saying how he isn't going.  I grab his bag and ask him to follow me outside.  He does.  He grabs a cardboard box from the front step and starts kicking it to pieces.  I tell him how I notice he is breaking the box apart in three pieces...he smiles...the box is harder to kick now.
I pick it up and hold it up for him.  He grabs his bag and uses it to smash the pieces of box.  I comment that Dad and bro are in the car ready to go...
He leaves the box, walks over to the car, puts his bag into the trunk, gets in and we drive off.
We arrive at our friends' house and I give him a hug, tell him I love him and that I will talk to him tomorrow morning. 
He smiles, climbs into the car and waves as they drive off.

WHEW!!  What would I have done before Dr. Neufeld?!!


  1. Wow - what a success story! I'm so impressed with your ability to think it through and make it happen - as it happened, short notice.

  2. Hahahaha!! That is awesome... now how do I use it on my 3 yr old? hmmm...


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