Plod on, dear girl

School is almost over for the semester. I have almost made it through. I feel grateful for being able to do this and for everyone who contributes so that I can give my time to my school work. My husband has been a big support: trying to be happy about cooking yet another meal, or driving yet another child, or reading yet another essay. My Mom has washed many dishes, folded lots of clothes and happily listened as a child came home with stories to tell about their day that just went on and on and on. My Dad provided well for my Mom so that in turn, she pays me for caring for her. That has really allowed me to be able to go back to school. Otherwise, I would have had to get a job and I just don't know how I would have juggled that as well as everything else.
Interesting side note, of my seven siblings, I was the only one that my Dad offered to pay schooling for. He saw that I had no direction or motivation in life and tried to encourage me by offering to pay for all my schooling after I paid for the first year by myself. He offered it to the right kid: I was the only one of the eight children who didn't get any post-secondary education before I was married. I know that he is pleased that I am now going back, and feels happy about being able to contribute to my education.
And so, even though the laundry piles up, and the meals are the same thing night after night, and I feel like my brain is being stretched and worked so much that it hurts, I know that I will keep going, plodding along, to the finish line.


  1. Your almost done mom!! SO close...well atleast so close to a well deserved, well-needed break. have you ever told grandma that grandpa offered to pay for your schooling? He didn't give you an age limit did he? ha ha

  2. Have a great break mom! So well deserved, and my brain hurts too!

  3. Neat. I'd never thought of it that way. Or, you could just ask Bruce if the estate would cover previous promises and you wouldn't have to worry about your marks and scholarships!!lol Sure love you and admire you!


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