Summer time and the living is....not easy!

Summer finally showed herself in all her beautiful, sunny glory. The kids are finally done and able to enjoy some of her glorious warmth outside, and I even pulled out a pair of SHORTS!!

On the down side, the kids are anxious to be active and wrestling and water fights are on the top of the list- groan! There isn't as much sleep going on anymore, and everyone is a bit more grouchy, and I am losing patience. Ron is off in Edmonton marking diploma exams, so I have to make supper every night! Today was end of the year baking as our traditional teacher gift is always freshly baked cookies. I managed to get them to the school 5 minutes after the end of the day bell rang, not bad.
We attended two weddings and a field trip, combined with dentist appointments for me: there was a cancelation so I was able to get all my cavities filled- my mouth was SO SORE and I was not extremely happy! Makes me realize how hard it would be to do this on my own!