Winter Came Late this Year

and yet we are still scrambling to finish the outside painting before it takes the final dip to -20 C weather. I actually got windburn on my face last weekend painting the side fence and the front pillars on our veranda; blush for our family photo the next day.

that's right....we got all the family together last weekend for the baptism of my oldest grandson and at my request, we hired a family friend/photographer to take pictures of the group. It was a nice weekend to spend time together and work at getting along despite everyone's differences.

This is what we found this summer when we starting painting the front deck....YIKES!!! Nothing that some good old hard work couldn't fix. We bought new wood, painted it up and replaced those nasty stairs and now it is looking great once again!!

Last night, Ron and I looked through the upcoming week's weather and low and behold.....there are some days hovering around 0 degrees Celsius! That means that we can finish up the last section of fence that needs repairing and painting!! I am sure the boys won't think that is as good news as I do, as I need their help in completing all this painting. Once that section of fence is completed, I have one last outside project to finish: an arbor to hold the eaves trough in place on the side of the garage. For the last few winters, we have had no downspout on the eaves from the side of the garage and the water just pours down onto the sidewalk and driveway. Of course, when it freezes, there is a huge mess of ice which is very slippery which continues right down to the front sidewalk. There is a lot of ice salt that gets put on that front sidewalk to help, but it really isn't safe.

This is just part of the giant icicle that was growing out of the missing downspout!!  And yes, that nasty gate is crying out for some new boards and paint!!! 

So this one last week of good weather is going to   REALLY   be appreciated around here!! 

Can't wait to post some after pictures for you...coming your way next Sunday!!