What did I sign up for?

Today is one of those days that leave me wondering if I would have chosen to do this if I had known what it was going to be like. Between the house being a mess which is guaranteed to make me feel a bit depressed, there have also been the phone calls to different offices and schools in regards to one of my children. Unfortunately the phone calls didn't go so well. You know those kind of ladies that make you feel like the fact that they didn't return your phone call ten days ago was really YOUR fault? I have talked to too many of them today!
And then when you have used up every ounce of your energy trying to get the funding that you have been fighting for since Sept, you find out that you are the only one putting any effort into it at all. The other party, who will enjoy the blessings of that funding doesn't really care enough to do anything- hey, why not just suck the life out of me, if I am so willing to let that happen, right? Maybe not!! Shelley, I think I need a few more lessons in saying no..........NO!! There, that is more like it- I have a feeling there will be many times to practise that saying no thing in the near future!!
Good thing that there are good days as well when the joy seems to outweigh the trials. I am needing one of those soon!!