the dumb things I do.....

One time I introduced myself with the wrong name. "Hi, I'm Pat....., um......," How do you recover from that one?!
Or the time that I decided to move the upright freezer from the downstairs bedroom to the family room. As I got it to the doorway and the freezer got stuck, I realized that the door had been off when we had moved it in. So I tried and tried but couldn't get the freezer to go either back in the room or out the door. It was completely stuck right in the middle of the door, totally blocking the entrance......and......with me inside the room!! I couldn't fit out the window to make my escape, and I couldn't climb up the freezer to get out. There was an old broken chair in the corner of the room and I carefully balanced it enough that I could crawl on the top of the freezer. Then came the tricky part of turning myself around on the top of the freezer so that I could slide down the other side feet first. The whole ordeal lasted about 30 minutes; I was the only one home and no one else was expected for several hours, so I was grateful to get out.
Well, today I made another one of those silly mistakes, only this time it wasn't funny. We were supposed to go to the temple to see some dear friends go through for the first time. Afterwards, they were going to be sealed to each other and to two of their deceased children ( one of whom, Barb, was a very good friend of mine). I thought that someone had told me that although the session was going ahead, the sealing was going to be postponed. Well, the weather was bad and both Ron and I felt that we shouldn't leave this morning. So we stayed home and had some family time and worked on our talks for tomorrow. At 12:30 we got a call from a friend at the temple wondering if we got stuck on the roads as we weren't there for the sealing. ARGH! I was so upset! I couldn't believe that I got the message wrong. After I hung up, I even tried to call back and see if they would wait for us if we left Lacombe right then....but no answer. So I fell apart for a few hours. Well, I've started putting the pieces back together again, but there is still the issue of writing a talk, better get to that I suppose.....!