Funny times at the piano...

I play the piano in primary and today after playing the introduction to the song, I followed with the opening note of the song. The chorister said, "What note is that?" I didn't understand and replied, "B." She laughed and said she didn't care what the note was but could I play it again!!

That got me to thinking about funny incidents that I have had playing piano over the years; these are probably the best three:

I was accompaning the piano for my brother's wedding reception program. During the song, the part of the piano that covers the keys actually fell apart on top of my hands. I held it up with the backs of my hands while I kept playing until my mom came up and saved me as all good mothers do. She sat beside me and held up the cover until the song was over.
Another great one was when I was playing the organ for sacrament meeting. I was tending kids and suddenly realized that it was time for the intermediate hymn. Flustered, I rushed up to organ and started to play the hymn. It took all of about one second into the singing for me to realize that I was playing the wrong song- I was playing the hymn on the right hand side of the page while the congregation was singing the hymn on the left hand side!! Now, some songs may have fit together but this one was definately not!! The chorister gave me a worried look, not sure what the problem was. To her horror, I stopped playing. "Trust me, just start over and it will be okay!" Her look let me know that she didn't believe me, but she really didn't have much choice as I wasn't playing! So we started again and she could never figure out why it sounded so much better!
I was playing in a stake Christmas fireside and just before my musical number, my music fell off the piano. I quickly gathered the music and put it back up and then started playing. The number went really well until the third page when I realized that I had put that page upside down! I stopped and as quick as I could turned the page back the right way and continued---
you know, on with the show!