I have things to do.....

Yesterday, I started my day as I usually do, by making a list of the things that I wanted to get accomplished that day. I needed to do some laundry and I needed to decide music festival songs-really the only two pressing things. We got the kids up, did the usual morning routine and then I brought out the list of my to do things and asked the kids what they needed to do that day. Each of them had a house job that needed to be done and a room to be cleaned and then there was a talk that would need to be written for Sunday, and clothes to be put away. They also had fun things on their list that could be done as soon as the chores were over. Ron chimed in with his list: fixing the clogged hose in the fridge, changing light bulbs in basement and other jobs that needed to be done around the house.
I was excited to see all the things that were planned for the day; we don't usually have an entire day without any other plans and so it had been a long time since we had been able to do this. I eagerly started on my first task: laundry.
One of the kids called, they were ready to vacum, but the other kids hadn't finished cleaning their bedrooms, which needed to be vacumed. Could I please come and help them? So I went upstairs and helped encourage the slow room cleaner. We changed his bedsheets, picked up toys, went through his clothes to take out the ones that were too small, folded his clothes, and generally made his room look more than presentable. His sister was happy and started her vacuming. I went back to my first job, what was it? Oh yea, laundry....
I started down the stairs and before I could get to the back hall, I was called again. This time Ron was wanting to start the fridge but needed some help cleaning it out. My mom offered to help, but I soon realized that I would need to be there to supervise removing everything from the inside of the fridge. I was able to locate a box to put things in that I could put outside to keep cold, and then got to the job of clearing out the entire contents of the fridge. All the shelves, the meat drawer and the crispers had to come out. I put the shelves on the counter for my mom to wash and Ron started on fixing the hose. Time to do my laundry....
Wait! The water was leaking all over the kitchen floor, could I help? Sure, I ran for the towels- where were those dirty ones? I couldn't find them but I was able to find some clean ones that worked just as well and I was doing laundry anyways. So the problem was solved and back I went to the laundry. I threw in a batch of very wet towels as they couldn't really wait and then went to go get the laundry that really needed to be done.
"Mom!" The child that was to vacum the basement was looking for some help in cleaning up the videos, and x-box games that were littering the floor. I went downstairs and gave him some suggestions on how to proceed. He worked out a plan and the two of us worked together to get the containers ready for the games. He finished his job and then started watching a movie while he untangled x-box controller cords.
What was it I was doing? I couldn't remember so I went into the kitchen to see what Ron was doing. He needed help in defrosting the fridge, so I put on a pot of water to boil and went to see what he was doing at the table. He had decided that he was going to go grocery shopping. Did I have anything that I wanted to put on the list? Well, of course! I wasn't really planning on doing that today, but I took out my list and added it to his. He asked me about what meals I had planned for the week, but as Monday was a new month there was no plan. I went to the cupboard and pulled out my menu planning book. I started the new month's menu sheet. He and I started to work out the meals. He didn't realize that I did meal planning one month at a time, and he soon lost interest. I continued to work out what meals we would have, and then started on the accompanying grocery list. I was just starting when Ron came in and said that he was ready to go. Did I want to come or not? I explained that I was in the process of making up the grocery list. He suggested that I bring it with me and work on it while he waited in line for the car wash. So I checked in with the kids and my mom and grabbed my lists for menus and the started grocery list and off we went. When we got to the car wash, the line was very long, so Ron decided to go directly to the grocery store. The list? Well, we shopped with the partial list with me trying to put his list and mine in some kind of order- you know- fresh produce, frozen items, canned goods etc. I did alright making it through the shopping list, I was thinking that we pretty much got everything, but as we were loading the car with our groceries, I realized I had forgotten the can of ketchup. I ran back inside and low and behold, there were none left.
So, off to store number two: we got the things that we needed to at that store and ran into a friend. She and I were laughing because we were both a bit grouchy! Well, all the groceries were paid for and loaded into the vehicle. Only one store left.
As we went inside that store to get chicken wings etc, I realized that I had still forgotten the ketchup. Grrrrr. Oh well, this store didn't sell ketchup so I was out of luck here. As we drove to the next place, Ron realized that the line was short at the car wash so we stopped and waited. By now, there was little point in completing the grocery list, however, I was able to write out my bulk shopping list to do in Red Deer next week, and of course, the ketchup.
A short line at the car wash is only waiting 20 minutes; we were afraid that if we waited for the vacuming as well, it would be even longer. I was a bit worried about leaving the vacuming as I had driven to Red Deer the day before and on my watch, a child had eaten crackers on the newly steam cleaned seats!! There were crumbs all over the back seat and the back floor. Ron was more concerned about getting home with the newly purchased popcorn as he had told the kids that he would make them popcorn. This was their treat after their jobs were done; a movie and popcorn. So we headed home without vacuming or stopping to buy ketchup.
Maybe now I could do the laundry: the kids and Ron were great helps in bringing in all the groceries and they started putting the food away in the cold storage room and the freezer, and the pantry and the FRIDGE?!! Oh, right the fridge!! Not only were there were no shelves in it, the back hadn't even been put back on. Ron got busy making the popcorn for the kids and so I started putting the back on the fridge. Mom washed the shelves and dried them and I tried to figure out what shelf went where. It took a few tries to figure out where they had been before, but I think I figured it out. The food from the outside was brought back inside and loaded back in the fridge. Then came the job of loading the month's worth of food into the fridge. Things were pretty packed and it took some time to figure out how to fit everything in. But, it finally got done. I sat down for a minute and tried to remember what it was that I was supposed to be doing- ummm....what was it now? Ah yes, laundry!
I went into the back hall and put the now clean but wet towels into the dryer. Then of course, there were the sheets from that bedroom that I had changed, so they went in along with the new batch of wet towels- did I forget to tell you about them? That's right, I think I did! When Ron was changing the 5 gallon water bottle on our cooler, the lid popped off- a pretty amazing feat that has never happened before in all 15 years of owning a water cooler! Water poured all over the floor instead of into the cooler. Despite his muscles and quick reflexes, quite a bit of water split over the floor before he was able to upright the bottle. A mad race to get towels insued and voila- the next batch of laundry!
"Mom!" I was starting to dread that call....but I answered and realized that one of the kids had to drop something off to a friend-her part for tomorrow's New Beginnings. I had told her earlier that when her room was clean and her job was done, I would drive her. I told her to get ready- at least if I went out, I could finish the three errands that hadn't got done when I was out with Ron- cash for tithing, vacuming his car ( as one of the kids had eaten crackers of all things in it when I was using it) and getting ketchup. Off we went to her friend's house. She was able to turn over the assignment quickly and we had a good visit as we drove to the bank. It was pretty dark and it was getting considerably colder. We drove to the car wash, this time there was no line. I guess most people don't wash or vacum their car after dark! We took turns vacuming the car as the hose was so cold it hurt to hold it. By the time we were done, we were both glad to drive back home and warm up.
Ron had started pork chops for supper and asked me to clear off the table. The kids and I worked together to unload the dishwasher and get things ready. We all sat down to eat a very delicious meal. One of the kids commented that it was pretty hard to get any ketchup out of the bottle and could I remember to buy some the next time I went shopping? Grrrr, I forgot, again!
The phone rang. It was the primary chorister wondering if I had some pictures that she could use for singing time tomorrow. I explained that we were eating supper-she seemed surprised- I asked her what time it was- 7:00pm! Oh!! Well, I told her we should be done in the next 30 minutes, so why not come over, I was sure I could find the pictures then.
After supper, I was reminded that the child with the talk needed my help writing it. Yes, another promise that I had made, that I would help him after his job was done and his room was clean. Technically, it was still after!! So we retired to the computer room to work on the talk.
The doorbell rang- who could that be?
It was the chorister, oh right- what a short memory! I showed her the pictures that I had and then went on to finish the talk. She stayed for awhile and visited and helped with the talk. Pretty soon, it was time for everyone to go to bed. I helped finish up the talk and started upstairs for the bedtime routine. P.J's, toothbrushing, book reading, scriptures, prayers, then eyedrops, and calendar writing. When it was done, I was pretty tired and it was getting late. What was it that I needed to do? Well, if I wanted clean underwear for the next day- it was Laundry!


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