Lost it, Found it

I used to play a game on the merry-go-round when I was a kid. There would be two people lying on their stomachs on the mgr facing the ground. One would have a popsicle stick that they would place it on the ground and said, 'lost it!'. The second one would look for the stick as the mgr spun around, trying to grab the stick and say, "found it!'. It was a pretty simple game, but you could make it harder by trying to come up with unique ways or places to drop the stick.
Somedays now I feel like I am playing a game of Lost it/Found it with life. I have scripture study, journal writing and pondering and prayer time down every morning. Then something happens, like Christmas holidays, to throw off the routine and I feel like I have lost it. I have to then make a concentrated effort to look for that stick and finally be able to say, "Found it!".
The thing that I have learned through this on-going game with life, is that I only lose if I quit trying. If I lose it for awhile, that is okay, it is just time to put in a greater effort to put things back in order.
Today, looking at things around me, what I have lost this Christmas is not my scriptures and prayers. Instead it is the laundry, dishes, and clutter. So instead of getting down about it, it is just time for another game of Lost it/Found it. And I think that finding the clutter, dirty dishes and laundry won't be that hard!!