A week of parties

This week has been a week of birthdays for our family. The first one starts on January 1st with a granddaugther who was the New Year's baby. We have another one on the 3rd with our daughter who turned 22. Then we get a bit of a break until January 11, when we celebrate both our son's birthday and my mother's birthday. We had a cake and played some games as a family for that night. Two days later, we had a birthday party for him with a cake ( the famous one that wouldn't light!). There were eight 12 and 13 year old boys. My mom commented that she didn't know boys could be that noisy! But she was in for a shock when we celebrated our other son's birthday on January 15 with eight 10 year old boys- the noise level was at least double the volume of the previous party!
On the 16th, we had a family party for my mom, with about thirty people in attendance. By far it was the most fun of the parties! And I got smart and held it at the church so that I didn't have to clean up my house before, and I didn't have to clean up my house after!
We also had two of our in-laws with birthdays this week- one on the 14th and today on the 17th. It is too bad that we weren't close enough to be able to celebrate with them. After all, 5 birthday cakes in one week was just no enough!


  1. I'm glad you had fun! January is definitely full of dates in this family! Hope you and dad enjoy your anniversary on Thursday!


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