the price to pay to know The Savior

This Sunday, a quote was given about the Willie-Martin Handcart companies. One man was quoted as saying that they grew to know God in that place and it was a privilege to pay the price to know their God.
Yesterday, I met an acquaintance of mine that I hadn't seen for over a year. Her health had seriously deteriorated since I last saw her. She told me that although her world was getting smaller, but she was greater for so many things. Firstly, her great doctors (I happen to know 2 of them personally), secondly, her suffering. She said that without it, she wouldn't have the intimate relationship that she has with God. When her chronic pain first started, she wanted to die and be able to be free from the constant pain. After seeing the chronic pain team of doctors in Lacombe, she was able to get control of the pain and see that she could have a significant impact in the lives of her children and her husband. She told me that she learned that God is big enough, grand enough to help us through any trial. If we turn to him, he will be there, intimately, for each one of us. She expressed concern that although her doctors did so much for her, there was little she could do for them. Then one day, it occurred to her, that she could pray for them. Since that time, she prays for them every day.
She talked about our need to love one another and look past the outside of the person and instead un-zip them and look for who they really are. She said that she learned that we need to give unexpected love in unexpected ways at unexpected times. If we did this, we could help lift the burdens of those who are often misunderstood and alone.
As I listened and talked, I felt of the greatness of her spirit. I felt blessed that I followed the impression to stop her and say hello. i felt the spirit confirm the truth of what she was saying.
I thought of the trials that I am presently going through and considered my faith. Do I remember that God is big enough, concerned enough to help me through the things I am carrying? Do I remember to put my burdens at his feet and then have the faith to leave them there? Do I love all those I come in contact with? Even those who would hurt me? What time am I willing to give up? What price am I willing to pay?