blessings for going to seminary- pizza pops?!

This morning, when Ron got out of bed, he turned off my alarm clock. I am sure that he didn't mean to, because he would not have wanted to face the morning chaos alone. I was happily dreaming of a storm at sea, when I was awoken from a knock on my door. Rachel was asking if I would drive her to seminary as her ride just called and canceled. I got up and we were off. On the way there, she told me that she was really close to skipping seminary and going back to bed.
I let her know that Dad had turned off my alarm and so I would have slept in had she not got me up. Today I had promised to make a special lunch for the kids, which I would not have been able to make if she hadn't got me up to drive her! So, instead of sleeping in, which I know that she really wanted to do, she got homemade pizza pops for lunch- Lucky girl!
Now, if we didn't get three inches of snow today (so that is where my dream about storms came from!) , I would feel lucky too!
(I added the picture of our breakfast, homemade whole wheat bread with smoothies so that you could see what a great breakfast we had (!) and what crazy weather we had.)


  1. would you and your recipes like to come visit? Looks delicious!


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