welcome to our party...be warned....it's no fun.....

You may not want to come, but we are presently having a be sick party. You can pick the head cold or the stomach bug- it is really your choice. We do have homeopathics for sick tummies and that has been helping settle them down. We have been fighting colds for over a week, but the stomach bug started last night. The phone rang around midnight and when I picked it up I realized it was my cell phone calling the home phone. Teenage R had it in her room and was too sick to come and get me so she phoned me!! We met like that every couple of hours all night-me holding her hand while she threw up, and then me cleaning out the bucket waiting for the next time.
Then today, the rest of us went to stake conference, which was great by the way. It was a broadcast from Vancouver held in our friends' chapel. Actually, one of our friends was asked to give the closing prayer so that was fun to hear her. Halfway through J started looking white and was complaining of feeling sick. I didn't want to go home, so I put him in a comfy chair where there were no people and he fell asleep and I continued to watch conference.
We had a piano recital after church, however, only one kid was healthy enough to make it. He played his songs very well, and then came home and said that his stomach hurt. He went to bed and slept for 4 hours. Now, although his stomach still hurts, he has not thrown up- hurrah!
With all of them sleeping all day, they are going to be up most of the night and then sleeping in tomorrow morning I am sure- plus Big R is sick with a cold and home tomorrow- oh yea, so is Grandma- she spent a lot of time sleeping yesterday and today is just puttering around in her room. I was hoping that the EMPower would keep her healthy, but the head cold got her anyways. The head cold has been going around with Big R, Eliz and Baby B plus two of the younger kids having spent their week sick with the cold.
So, if you want to come, just remember to bring your own bucket and box of kleenex!