We were able to drive down to Lethbridge this past week and see our kids and their spouses graduate from University. The ceremonies started on Thursday with Scott's grad. We dropped off the boys at Crystal and JD's house, and then drove over to the University. It was a long program but nice to celebrate all of Scott's hard work in school. I took my first picture of Scott and the camera said 'memory full' and I realized that I didn't have a memory card!! Thankfully, many others had cameras, so I will be relying on them to send some more pictures my way. Sometimes we miss the simplest things!
Afterwards, we had a photographer take some pictures; unfortunately a family picture was not possible. It will have to wait for another time but we were able to take pictures of each individual family instead. Then we went for dinner with Scott and his family and enjoyed an evening in Coaldale later on eating pie (pi!) and talking math. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.
The next morning, we visited with Matt, Katie, Anita and Julia. We went shopping and bought a memory card (!) and then got ready for the next grads. We missed seeing Matt and JD walk in the procession, but didn't miss the speeches which were basically the same as the day before! We had again dropped off the boys, so when it neared the end, I drove back to Crystal's and picked up Anita, Julia, Samuel and Jonathan. We all got there in plenty of time to see Matt and JD walk across the stage to get their diploma. Again afterwards, there was plenty of pictures taken. We said good-bye to Crystal and JD and continued taking pictures of Matt and his family. About 5 minutes later, we headed out the door and there was Ashur- "Hello, Grandpa!" Ron picked him up and asked where his mom and dad were. "I don't know" was the reply. I asked him if he was scared and he assured me that he was "fine." We walked around for the next 10 or more minutes looking for Crystal and JD. Meanwhile, they had alerted security and were completely stressed- however, they were in a different building so it took awhile before we were able to find them and let them know that Ashur was fine. It was nearly 30 minutes of agony for them before it was over- not a great end to a graduation day. Ron said that that was the most exciting part of the day for him! As a result, JD's BBQ started quite a bit later than planned. It was a hit nonetheless, and the day was a great success.
Tomorrow we head to Calgary for Michelle's grad which I am sure will be another good day.
I am so grateful that all this kids have seen the value of education- not only in helping them get better jobs, but also for the knowledge that it gives them. That really, is the best reason behind all this- to help our minds grow and learn- increasing the talents that we have been given.
And of course, all this gets me to thinking- I am planning on starting college in the fall so in a few years, it will be me that graduates- the next of all this family of mine to start university, but hopefully, not the last.


  1. That's right Mom... You and me next!!! It'll be a race to see who gets there first!


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