Have a Very Merry Christmas!

We usually have one year where all the married kids come home and one year where the marrieds go to their in-laws for the holidays. Due to technical difficulties, we have not had all the kids and grandkids home since October 2007.
This was the big year- we had people sleeping on every possible floor, couch and mattress. We even had a mattress in the upstairs hallway! It was a bit difficult climbing over its sleeping occupant without stepping on a few toes or noses, but we did it! There was plenty of eating, singing, talking, shopping, games, gifts, shoes, boots, coats, the occasional fight, lots of garbage (literally!), but mostly visiting. All in all, it was an enjoyable time.
And now, that things are a bit quieter, there is lots to clean up. And after it is cleaned up, there will no little traces of the 18+ people that spent a few nights here, little trace of the 8 kids that grew up here, and practically no traces of the grandkids that stole our hearts.
And that, folks, is a Thompson Christmas!