School's out for the ....holidays!

Well, final exams are over and it is a few days before I find out my marks. My goal was to have A in every subject which may be difficult to accomplish.
Pres. Benson said, " We do believe in setting goals. We live by goals. In athletics, we always have a goal. When we go to school we have the goal of graduation and degrees. Our total existence is goal- oriented. In the song, "I am a Child of God" we are reminded as we sing " teach me all that I must DO" Marvin J. Ashton said that a prerequisite for doing is goal- setting.
And so despite, not knowing if I will actually make this particular goal, I will still continue to set goals. Pres. Kimball said " I am convinced that unless we set goals, we move no place."
And, guaranteed, I am moving!