to be creative...

One of the things that is driving me crazy right now is that nothing I do in school is very physically creative. I mean, writing essays and poems and stories are creative, but not in a 'get your hands dirty' kind of way. I have been dying to do something around the house, so last week I pulled out my box of spray paint cans (yes, I do indeed have a box of them!) and found a bunch of black. I had been given an old ugly green bed frame and with a couple of coats of paint, it is now a luxurious black. I helped J clean up his room and we put the new bed up. It looks very good. Plans for a new quilt cover, throw pillows and valance are in the works.
Next, it was off to S's room: with a bit of help from a friend (well, actually a LOT of help), his loft bed was put together. S is THRILLED! He loves his new bed so much that he asked if he could just stay in bed all of the next day! It looks pretty good, so today, I cleaned out the upstairs hallway as it had all the leftovers from the two room cleaning projects. Then I went to R's room and put up her sticker from Christmas, and then spent only a few minutes cleaning in there- it is just TOO crowded, cluttered etc. to actually accomplish much else.
Now it is on to the garage to clean up all the mounds of junk that Matt kindly put in a large pile at the side of the garage so that Ron could actually have room in the garage to park his car- imagine that- a car in a garage! Ron has been very grateful all winter for that present from Matt. I have finished about ten boxes and it is looking much better. Maybe there will be room if E needs it next week for furniture, but I have learned my lesson- it can only go in there IF Ron's car will still fit: it is going to be a hard time for him coming back from Italy to all the newly fallen snow- we are at about four feet right now- WELCOME SPRING!!