I'm giving up

There is a song on the one CD I listen that is titled "I'm Giving Up". It talks about the things the writer is going to give up so that she can be with the one she loves. My 11 year old son questioned me about it the other day: "Why is she giving up and it is a good thing? I don't get it." So came an explanation of what kinds of things she was giving up to be with that someone special. "Oh, now it makes sense!"
Today, driving to school, things were green and spring is definitely here.I thought of what things I need to get rid of in my internal spring cleaning so that I can be closer to my children, closer to my husband, and ultimately closer to my Savior:
perfectionism- I don't need a 4.0
I don't need a spotless house
I don't need children that are geniuses
I don't need an immaculate yard or fantastic garden
I don't need a completely organized garage, or shed, or storage room
I don't need children that never argue or fight or complain
What I do need is:
daily communication with my Saviour to get His direction for my day
daily positive time with my husband to keep connected
daily quality time with my children so that they have a positive, loving, relationship with me
daily repentance to overcome the problems that I will have everyday
daily manual reading (scriptures) to help me know what I need to know today
daily desire/action to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost
and with those things, I can be successful in whatever I do, no matter what I have to give up.


  1. You don't have to worry about the genius children- don't you have them already! ;)


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