Krylon let me down!

In case you didn't know, I am in love with Krylon. No, he is not your typical heart throb- tall, dark and handsome- but what he can do is amazing!

My box is getting a little sparse (down to eighteen cans, and they are not all full), so today I made a 30 minute run to my favorite Krylon store and picked up a few (okay, I cannot lie- four!) cans of beauty-ness!! It was a tough night, I had to find (yea, I didn't mean feed- these are not little kids!) kids supper, finish my errands, help my hubby put the shed door back on (and why was it off? Ask the boys that were playing hide 'n seek-- not the ones that hid in the shed--the ones that thought it would be funny to lock them in- you can guess the rest!) and then pretend to actually do some work around the house (fold a towel or two, turn on the dryer, start the dishwasher- that has got to be enough!) and then try not to sprint to the garage to see how Krylon and I did with our last project. There were three picture frames and they turned out pretty good, but I just couldn't stop there: I got a new color today and I was anxious to try her out.

I cleaned out my cookie jar turned utensil holder and headed back to the garage to see what a bit of color would do. Here is what she looked like after the angel was ripped off and she was washed out:

It is too bad that the angel was already peeled off before this photo because she was darling!

Anyways, I pulled out my brand new can of Krylon primer and started to spray, but nothing! That is right, you heard me correctly, not even one little puff of spray paint came out! What is a girl to do? Thirty minutes away from the store and kids in bed- SAD! Of course, I couldn't wait until tomorrow so I put the color coat on without a primer. Sadly, it didn't cover the lovely white and yellow trim at the top, so despite drying in 10 minutes, I won't be done this project tonight.

Isn't she looking cute? You might not be able to tell from the photo but the bottom is still showing the yellow and white trim and there will have to be a LOT of coats to cover that baby up.

Brand new Krylon, what are you thinking? Why did you leave me in a lurch at this hour?
You know how I love you and trust you with so many of my dearest possessions (okay, let's get real, ALL of my possessions be they dear or not):

I have spray painted frames, filing cabinets, tables, chairs, bookshelves, boxes, dressers, handles, coat hooks, mosquitoes (ya, really, but he deserved it!), wicker baskets,... you know, it might be easier to list what I HAVEN'T spray painted: carpet, (oh, maybe accidentally, but not on purpose), sidewalks (well, I didn't mean to!), food (even though it might help me in my food presentation- brighten up those colors!), utensils, my piano (although it has crossed my mind!), toilet paper, computer, my kids, hubby, my plants, or my sink.
So if I have trusted you with all of this, how could you? I mean, do you have a heart?!

I guess things will be okay; I just bought am 11.4 litre bucket of ice-cream today.

Krylon, you have been replaced!


  1. bahahahaha....your funny DO love that stuff:)

  2. momma, I gave you an award here:


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