May I please have an extension?

Dear Professor,
I am writing to request an extension on Monday, January 23rd. Yes, that is right- could Monday be extended for at least a week? If you could do that for me it would be really beneficial; for that matter, I would even be happy with four days. Would it be alright if Monday could be extended until Friday January 27? That way, I could finish my learning dialogue assignment (which totally escaped my mind on Monday), I could read the chapters in Hepworth and Larsen that were due on Wednesday, I could finish my home budgeting/bill paying/reciept handing-in that need to be completed. I have notes to get ready for a review panel at the Centennial Center and I have guardianship papers to get done ASAP which I could do with a few extra days. Extending Monday would really reduce my stress and help my week move in a much more orderly fashion. Thank-you for your attention to this matter.

p.s. or could you just accept my late assignment?  That would also work! Thanks!

Yes, I really did send this to my professor who sent it back saying that the extention had been granted-oops! Caught you not really reading what you were reading, didn't I?


  1. Clever! Praying for you as you juggle everything. Isn't it amazing how adversity turns us to the Lord? God bless.




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