Turns out there was a reason....

I have been feeling uneasy and a bit depressed but not really knowing why I felt that way.  Last night, I had a chance to visit with one of my kids who is having severe paranoia/delusion problems and he ended up telling me he is planning on running away.  He can't lie to me. although he might try, which usually works in my favor, except for having to listen to many things I would rather not know.  When I got to E-town, where I was staying for the night, Ron took a look on facebook and read dear son's status which asked for someone to come and get him before Monday morning.  And then he unfriended Ron. So, we will have to guess what the outcome is going to be.
I don't know why he and I have this connection, but whenever he is in trouble or going through something difficult, I feel uneasy.  The larger the problem he is facing, the worse my uneasiness grows.  Before I knew what was going on last night, I sat at a stop light, waiting for it to turn green, sobbing, because I felt so bad. 
When I realized what he was going through, it all made sense.  I could immediately recognize those familiar feelings of premonition: danger is imminent!
So, not much has changed since last night except I feel a bit calmer knowing what all these feelings are about. And I know that the only source for my peace during this is my Heavenly Father.