Life has been pretty tough lately.  I am back into the school routine, trying to fit in the budgeting, meal planning, bill paying, receipt finishing, active listening with the kids, arranging rides, sleepovers, jobs, lessons amid trying to keep breathing.  For the past two weeks, depression has been creeping into the corners of my rooms: while I study, while I eat, while I sleep. 

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!!

What to do to eradicate it's presence? 

Up on time, read scriptures, write my feelings, contemplate where I am and what I need to do to move on, consider and firm up on paper my priorities for the day, run on the eliptical every day, eat proper food, not the ice-cream that is calling my name, or the Toffiee hiding in my closet, or the warm bread sitting on the sunny counter just begging for some butter. Keep up with my nutritional supplements...doesn't that sound better than  'stuff 15 pills down my throat during various times of the day'? 

And forgive.....offenses I have taken, mistakes I have made, the non-perfection of others.

I chose light today.


  1. Pam, loved reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    It was real, touching and identifiable. All the best in your studies. You will get there, so just enjoy the ride. Remember, All things are possible with help from God.
    Love, Bev Jordi


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