when in a crisis- renovate!

Here is the before!!

And the after!!
 Things have been pretty tough around here for a couple of weeks.  Finally, last Thursday, events came to a head and I spent hours preparing for and then addressing a review panel consisting of two lawyers, two psychiatrists, a doctor, and two community members.  My presentation went well, but the aftermath wasn't quite as nice.  Several hours later, when things were finally resolved, I drove home completely physically and emotionally drained: I actually had to wait to get the energy to walk into the house. 
The next day, Ron took the day off and he and I just sat around and unwound. did different things from our normal routine!  Ron marked essays for four hours and I cleaned house.  When I got to this ridiculously messy cupboard, I decided to pull out the shelf and see what I could do to make the counterspace under neath more usable space.  Turns out, that the shelf came out pretty easily so I cut off about four inches of it and then made a box out of some 2X6's and put the shelf back on.  Now, I have actual usable counter space!!
Wow! I didn't realize how bad the before picture actually was! YIKES! But, all that stress and the negative energy it brought was able to go into a great renovation project! Ha ha!