Meds versus Drugs

I was one of those people who questioned those parents who hit their kids because they kids had hit someone else.  You know who they are:  " I'm going teach you to never hit someone"- WHACK!

I am also one of those people that question the rampid use of meds we give ourselves, our neighbors, our parents, our teens, even our kids- in the name of better health.

And like my questioning of parents who hit their kids to teach them not to hit, I have a concern.  We are going to make you healthier so here, take this unhealthy, unnatural stuff that we make up with chemicals!! Teens who are on street drugs and have mental issues are encouraged to go off those drugs and are immediately given meds.  "Let me teach you never to do drugs again: here let me give you some drugs!" But these ones won't be laced with bad stuff and are 100% pure. We know what these ones will do to for you. Give yourself a pat on the back: they are off drugs, you know! 

But are they? 

Meds are still drugs. They still have wicked side effects. They quiet the raging child- so quiet they don't have the energy or motivation to actually do anything out of control.  Just drug them up and they won't be a problem anymore.  Don't kid yourself; meds still only mask the symptoms.  They are not a cure.

So what is the cure?  What is the solution?  The medical world doesn't really seem to be looking for solutions; they are content with the mask.  You can hide behind a mask, you know.  You can be whatever you want to be: you can mascarade as the answer and people will believe you. It's all in the mask.The more education you have, the more convincing the mask. 

Why doesn't anyone listen to those people who are committed to finding solutions, finding the root cause and actually addressing it?

No, we just want to hit that kid one more time....maybe someday he will finally learn not to hit!!