Easter already!

I have been busy with homework, but decided that I needed to s...l...o...w   down and enjoy some family time this weekend.  

We enjoyed some time reflecting on the Savior's sacrifice for us...

And we enjoyed some time enjoying time as a family.  We didn't have any of our older kids come home for the holidays, but we did have the youngest four.  

We played lots of this:

 and some of this:

and of course, this:

We made some discoveries.  I totally forget to unthaw the turkey and ran to the computer to google cooking frozen turkey on Sunday morning. I discovered a study (and you all know how much I love studies- I really do!!) done on turkey cooking says that it is actually BETTER to cook a turkey from a frozen state.  There is less chance of getting salmonella and even cross contamination plus because of the way a turkey cooks, it makes for a very moist turkey!! 

They were right; it turned out very moist and delicious!

Many years ago, we moved our Easter activities to Monday.  We found that we could focus on the Savior on Sunday instead of candy and egg hunts. 
So Sunday was a quiet day spent reading and visiting and playing more family games. 

This year on Monday, since the kids are older, I decided to give them their own money to buy their own Easter candy.  It was fun to watch them price out what they wanted and see how much stuff they could get with the money they had.  And everything was on sale as well- double bonus!

I put my homework on hold and helped them put together their own baskets.


They hid each others baskets and had a fun time hiding and then looking for their own. 

 You can see the sense of humor coming through....from their daddy's side, eh?!!

When that was done, we got out the coloring stuff and dyed Easter Eggs.  Last year, we were traveling and didn't do eggs.  I wasn't sure if they would want to dye them, but everyone was very excited and hours were spent decorating and dying their eggs:

Everyone took turns doing dishes, sweeping the floors, and other general cleaning which was SUPER NICE for me.  J even offered to make supper: EGGS of course, from all the blown out insides of our dyed eggs!!

After supper it was Wii games instead of board games while I went back to work on my homework-a wiki on computer parts due tomorrow incidentally!


And that is how things rolled here this weekend...FUN TIMES!!