The Laundry Nazi is back!

Okay, my house was a mess this morning...and my father-in-law is coming tonight.  I tried to start my laundry so we could have clean clothes to wear but I couldn't get into the laundry room.  You see, while I was busy with school, the Laundry Nazi was just too busy, and the regular folk who do laundry don't quite keep the room as tidy as the LN would like them to.

So, I did what any good overworked, overwhelmed student just out of school would do. I shut the door to the laundry room and went upstairs to play Lego with S.   We sat and sorted and played and cleaned and talked for a couple of hours.  J came up and joined us for awhile.  I could hear Ron in the kitchen cleaning up the mess there:
And so I kept playing.
 After a few hours we had the room cleaned and all the Lego put away where it belonged.
 Time to move into the hallway.
J and I cleaned up his stuff there that needed to go away. There was a bunch of stuff from his room that he didn't want anymore and I didn't know what to do with.  "Go put that somewhere," I said.
Where, he replied.  "I have absolutely no idea!"
Hey, I am good at that.  I take things and pretend to put them away all the time.  I can put it somewhere you won't see!
"Sure."  Man, did that really come out of my mouth?!
But, it was gone and I have no idea where it was put, and that was good enough for me today!

With the hallway cleaned it was time to move into the bathroom.

Okay, it had now been close to five or six hours since I started and the laundry was still there. I went downstairs and this is what greeted me:

Thank-you Ron!

 I decided I could maybe handle doing the laundry.

 So I pulled out the first basket of clean laundry and started folding.  And then the second, and the third, and the fourth and the fifth.  Now, the interesting thing is that we don't do laundry like other people.  One person's clothes go in one load and get folded and put back into their room- I don't sort laundry....ever!  If they have whites, then it is their responsibility to make sure they sort it into different baskets in their own room before it hits the laundry room.  AND, only one basket comes down at a time. (see, this is just a few of the LN's rules!)
I folded and I actually sorted and then had each person put their own stuff away and return the basket to me-proof that the job was actually done!
And by and by, guess what?!!

the laundry room floor appeared!
And it only took eight hours!! 


  1. ha ha, good job mom! can't wait till you come and visit:)


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