Last Friday I officially finished this semester of school: 2 years down, 4 to go!!  The very next day we had our yearly visit from my father-in-law. It was great despite the poor timing.  Unusually, we did a bunch of work on the house, in part, because he saw how bad things had become with me going to school.  We took old carpet from the front lawn (that had been buried in the snow for months) to the dump and then we replaced all the missing spindles on the front porch.  It looks SO MUCH BETTER!!  We visited lots and we played Rook- even teaching the kids how to play.  It was their first time really interacting with their Grandpa (he is a pretty aloof kind of guy) for many years and they loved it! 

I drove him to the bus station on Tuesday night and then carried on to complete some pressing paperwork- income tax and guardianship papers.  That took the major part of that week.  

I helped Winken get stuff ready to move and on Friday she and Blinken and Nod came over so that little Blinken wouldn't mess up the clean apartment before they moved.  Besides them, we had three other visitors for a discussion, and my three kids and a friend who comes over to be tutored.  I had to pick up R and quickly head to Red Deer after he finished work in order to file my papers.  

Whew! When Saturday came, all I wanted to do was sleep, but instead I got up, said my teary goodbyes to Winken and Blinken, helped S get a present ready for a party, helped Ra get a scholarship application done, threw in a batch of laundry, cleaned up a bit and then rushed off to a women's conference.  
Although it was fun, it certainly wasn't the emotional boost I was looking.  And so today, again, the only thing I really wanted (and by now needed) was sleep.  But again, I was running around after kids, R and friends and responsibilities.  
So again, here I am, exhausted, ready for sleep, but so overtired that I am sitting on the computer!  
Maybe some sleep will help me get over my PTSD = Post Traumatic School Disorder!