The Stripling Warriors

I have been reading about the stripling warriors in the Book of Mormon lately. Here are some of the characteristics that I have compiled about them:

Stripling Warriors see Book of Mormon 
full of faith, 
trusted God, 
remembered God, 
well taught (which means they were teachable), 
close to the spirit, 
soft- hearted, 
true in all things 

Amazing as these men were, it is recorded that despite the many battles they fought, not one died.  That was simply miraculous.  Those odds were not seen in the battle of that era. Now, another interesting tidbit: there was not even one soul who had escaped being wounded.  Not even one!! 100%- it is recorded that every single one of them received many wounds!

As we know that the scriptures are given to us so that we can liken them unto ourselves, let's apply that to our day. 
We are in a spiritual war.
We are in spiritual battles every day.
We can look to the Stripling Warriors to help us with ourselves and with our youth. 
We are not going to avoid injuries in our spiritual war here.  
Our children are not going to avoid injuries here. 
Our youth, the stripling warriors of today, may be wounded.  Will it be 100%?  Could be- there is so much evil all around us- physical, spiritual, and emotional toxins floating about us where ever we are. 
But, like them, we can be saved- 100% of us!! But how? 
If we look to those characteristics that the Stripling Warriors had, it gives us a clue of what kind of people we want to become.  That is a hard list- at times, those traits might seem out of our grasp.  So, what then is the path? 

It really on centers on one thing. Rather than concentrating on making ourselves better people, or trying to develop these traits on our own, 
what we need to teach our children centers around our Savior:

They  (and us!) need to develop a relationship with Him.
They  (and us!- yes us!) need to understand the atonement.
They (and us!) need to feel of His unconditional love. 
They (and us!) need to attach to Him daily.
They (and us!) need to rely on Him and realize that relying on others is healthy and a sign of true independence. 

And if  when they (and us!) get wounded, they (and us! got it?!) will know the source of healing, the source of comfort, the source of peace, true peace: 

John 14:27  "Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."


  1. Totally agree! and I would add that we need to teach them that relying on our Savior and on others is the goal-- not independence, but interdependence. Hope all is well! Hugs!

  2. yup- that is completely it- interdependence! We cannot and were not made to be independent! Even my sociology profs agree!


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