to create...

Like I have said many times before, one of the main things I miss while going to school is the time to CREATE.  I love writing, but there are not many creative writing assignments in Social Work, folks! 
I did get a chance to hand in a cookie jar with pictures of all the ingredients of a chocolate chip cookie inside.  Each picture had a write-up on the back relating that ingredient to my practicum experience.  I think my professor loved it- she showed me the spot she put it on her shelf in her office!  But really, that was about it!

I have two weeks left of school and practicum for this year and already thoughts of what I could CREATE are creeping into my visions of sugarplums.....

 This particular craft-i-ness is about how you want your house to feel- what are you personality traits that you would like for others to feel when they enter your house.  Mandi is all about creating a plan for your space and making it say something about who you really are. 

Reminds me of my friend Rachel, an awesome decorator. When she decorates for a wedding, the first thing she does is ask about the couple getting married: what is special to them, what are their interests, what brought them together, what activities do they enjoy.  Once she has collected a bunch of favorites, she then brainstorms and comes up with some ideas for a theme.  She has done some AMAZING stuff from all of this.  
And so I am coming up with my personality traits that I would like to shine through when you come into my house:
Acceptance----Love----Fun yet Spiritual---Busy yet Calm---Uncluttered (cough cough, remember i said things I would LIKE TO shine through!!)colorful...peaceful...friendly

And so, during the next few months off school, I am focusing on creating a space that truly reflects who I am inside!!
Two weeks and counting......