Gotta Love Mother's Day!

I am never one for breakfast in bed...maybe because I have the same thing for breakfast most mornings and it really doesn't fit your typical bedside meal;  Roma apple while reading scriptures, then sprouted wheat bread toasted with almond butter and honey with EMPower and R.O. water.  Yumm!

Well, today I gave myself the best mother's day gift and slept in!

Church was really nice aside from my cell phone going off (but it really wasn't too bad as I was on the stand playing the organ and J took my purse and left the chapel very quickly!!  Only a few people figured out that it was my cell phone going off.  Turns out it was S Sr. calling to wish me a happy mother's day. That was a nice gesture on his part- he is a very sweet kid with a very soft heart.

They gave out roses today for all the mothers or mothers to be.  My mom was there and she wanted to bring some roses to the lady she visit teaches.  So after church and seminary, she and I drove over for a visit with Sis. E.  We stayed for awhile and had a great visit.  When her sister unexpectedly showed up, we decided to leave. As we drove up to the house, J came out to tell me that S Jr. was upstairs throwing up.  R was sick and upset to be there alone to deal with S Jr. and had tried calling me on my cell- (which J had turned off after the church phone call!!).  "Just wanted to warn you that Dad is NOT happy!  Oh yea, and mom, Happy Mother's Day!!"  He turned around to go into the house laughing- what a kid!!

I releaved R of his throw-up duty and let him crawl his sick little self back into bed and spent the next hour or so next to the toilet holding S Jr.  It was a bonding time for sure!

I was able to talk to all my kids; I appreciated all the calls- but was sorry I had to cut some of them short when as we had company over to help give S Jr. a blessing.  After throwing up for over 5 hours to the point of dry heaving, as soon as the blessing was over, he rolled over and went to sleep.  He woke up an hour or so later asking for something to drink- so neat!

I am very grateful for a worthy priesthood holder who is ready and willing to bless the lives of others even when he is not feeling well himself.

And that is the best Mother's Day gift of all...even better than sleeping in!!