totally random

But sometimes, I get excited about the simplest here goes...

 My kids are pretty picky eaters, so when I find something that everybody likes, and that is relatively healthly, I get PRETTY EXCITED!!

My kids all love sub buns and lunches are always a problem, so I came upon this idea. 

1. buy a bunch of random chubs of sandwich meat (ya, I know they have nitrates but whatever...they are eating something so that is good at this point!)

2.  slice it up, or rather, have your darling husband spend over 30 minutes slicing it up and puttting it neatly on plates.

3. have each child come and put together their own combination of meats and seal with plastic wrap.

4. Package up each person's own meat choices into their own bag (yes, we recycle bread bags in this house!) and FREEZE.

5. Take one out each time that they want to make a sub bun for their lunch.  Put on the bread first thing in the morning; the sub won't need an ice-pack as the meat is frozen.   Put on anything else you want:pickles, mustard, lettuce, cucumbers, and whatever else your kids eat. 

And there is lunch! The cost is pretty cheap as well- $15 worth of meat made enough packages for 36 little meat packages + the leftover meat went into baggies to use for frying up or something  for suppers sometime. 

Wasn't that exciting?!! 


  1. Sub buns!?! Wow, you are getting more lax- we were never allowed to have that white poison. lol Glad you have something that works!

  2. I tried making whole wheat buns, but no one would eat them but me :(
    so this is the next best- give them junk they will eat!


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