Last week's adventures

Last week, Ron and I went to a three day Dr. Neufeld course on dealing with Aggressive Children and Youth.  It was a workshop put on by Dr. Neufeld himself.
There was SO MUCH information- almost overwhelming!! But that is another post.

Instead of being able to take some time to digest it, I drove directly to Grade Six outdoor camp!!  Yes, yes, I know- crazi-ness!  I got a little lost getting there, but a helpful, strange, creepy old guy pulled over to the side of the road pointed me in the right direction. Passed him later on during my trip- yup-creepy. 
It was a bit daunting to come into the camp late (due to my a fore mentioned course) and not know where to go.  I couldn't see any people and wandered around until I found the dinner hall. I didn't know where my cabin was, who was in my group and what activities were going on.  It was supper time, so I found S and sat down at his table.  Soon a girl from my group came up and pointed out the other girls in our cabin.  She even took me to our cabin after supper and showed me around to all the hot spots (the bathroom!!).
There were lots of activities planned and the time flew by.  I enjoyed all the time spent there- my cabin girls were fantastic, and my learning group during the day was also great!

 Some highlights were going canoing...

going horseback riding...

Meet Alf!!

building a one match fire and a shelter...
the boys' fire didn't light- the girls OWNED  this one!!

Other fun activities:

Zip lining... Here I was giving the thumbs up...
Meaning I had made it up the climbing pole and was totally releaved that I was sitting on the platform and not climbing up staples on a pole or looking over the edge! 

And the smile here was because I had made it and was actually closer to the ground!!

There was pond studies, archery, wall climbing (missed that one as I was at my course- Whew!!),
team building activities and orienteering (which I also missed). 

Every year my kids come home from outdoor school excited to recount their adventures. This year, I got to actually experience it- it was fun and I would gladly go again any day!!