the stiffled creativity is starting to ooze out...

Since school let out at the end of April, there has been lots to work on, mostly inner self type work. However good that all is, I have to fit some creativity in there...just to stay sane!!

I painted this dresser blue back when Seth (21 yrs old) was a baby!!

Sorry, the lighting is non-existent in this dresser's new home...but it now holds school supplies.  The drawers are painted with chalkboard paint.

this little set of drawers was painted different colors and designs: each drawer designed and decorated by each child.  That tells you how old it is, as the seventh child is now 15 years old!!

The new home is in the furnace room-turned tool place.  Ron hates storing his tools in a cold the garage during the winter so this is the new plan! Cheaper than heating the entire garage!

And that folks, is as creative as I have been so far!!