zip lines and trials

A few weeks ago, I told you about my zip lining experience.  It started with climbing a very tall pole to get to the zip line platform.  As I was climbing near the top of the pole, I became extremely terrified. There was nothing to hang onto except the staples on the pole and I had to maneuver around the platform before I could actually be at the right height to climb onto it.  Once on the ground and reflecting on my experience, I realized that my terror was accentuated by the simple fact that I forgot something very important: my belayer had my back!  I was tied to her and she was secure in her position; if I slipped, she would be able to stop my fall. I couldn't believe that in spite of putting on the safety harness, checking it twice and then clipping my carabiner onto my belayer's rope, in that moment of panic I forgot all about all the safety precautions I had taken only moments before!

My life has been like that lately.  There have been choices that people close to me have been making that are very scary to me: I can see the danger but they can't.  I try to warn them, but they shrug it off.  Some very obvious perils seem non-existent in their belief system.
I was starting to get anxious and upset despite all my prayers for peace. I couldn't get let all the problems go: they just seemed to go around and around in my mind. 
And then it struck me...
I forgot that my Savior has my back. Just like the belayer whom I totally forgot about when I was on the precipice, the Savior is standing close by, ready to help in whatever way I need. I am tied to him through the covenants I have made, I have had many experiences through out my life that had been evidences of his loving care individually to me  and so I can be secure in knowing that He will help me should I slip.  
As I stumble through the process of letting go with these issues, he is there to help me through the painful process.  As I encounter anxiety and fear, I must remember there is One who waits for me as I climb, One that I am tied to, One that can ultimately bring me the peace that I desire.      


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