A Wedding and some Babysitting

Last weekend, we drove down south for daughter #4's marriage to a great guy.  The weather cooperated; it was a lovely sunny day. Everything went off without a hitch...other than the bride getting a bit sick...which she dealt with very well!  Little Brosie was great and enjoyed the day even without her momma's full attention.
The family dinner reception went very well.  There was a lot of music and a skit.  All in all it was pretty fun.  To end it off Elizabeth sang a song she wrote...which was great, of course!

Jawn accompanied several of the numbers and did a fantastic job.  Again, who would have expected anything different?!

Samuel sang a Tim Hawkins song titled..."these are the things you don't say to your wife"... it was well done and very funny! Here he is hamming things up with Reuben:
I tried to get some family pictures of my kids and grandkids...
Here's Crystal (who takes after my genes regarding family picture taking)....

Anita was not feeling well, so she really wasn't up to picture taking...(and no, Matthew did not get those picture taking genes.  I had to follow him in his car to get a picture of his little family!!)

Never got a picture of Michelle and Scott together, but here is a cute one of her:

The happy couple:

Rachel sang a song with Michelle and Katie...they did an awesome job. Rachel was behind the camera most of the day, so I didn't have a whole lot of pictures of her!!  But since she was a bridesmaid, there will be plenty enough of them later!

After the wedding reception was over, they took off on a honeymoon and we headed home....with Brosie.
She was great for the trip, well, except for the big poop that went all up her p.j.'s and stunk up the car! Other than that she was great...rocking out to the music that Papa Ron had blaring...just for her!

It has been a funny week with Broise...and tiring!  One day, Uncle Jonathan was talking to her and said, "Oh boy!"  She replied, "Oh girl!"  without skipping a beat!!
Another funny...she was taking a bath and started putting her washcloth on the side of the tub.  "This is my book" She told me..."Once upon a time there was a baby cow.  Its name was lizard...the end."
What did the cow do, I asked?  "Played"
Okay then, I guess I should have known that!

Brosie would often fake cry, and she would be pretty intensly crying and suddenly remember something and completely stop to tell me whatever. When she was done telling me, she would go right back to crying.
one night she woke up in the night and went to the bathroom.  Samuel found her in there, totally wide awake, playing with pads.  She had emptied the entire box...sticking them to the walls, cupboards etc.  She was very considerate and put them all in the garbage when she was done.  Well, all except the one pad she took to bed with her to cuddle-they are soft, you know!!  Reminded me of many years ago, when I got up in the night to use the bathroom and found a bunch of hair all over the sink and counter.  I went into the girls bedroom and found Brosie's momma (only three at the time) soundly sleeping...in a pretty dress, with lipstick all over her face...and her hair all cut off!!! I guess she was trying to get herself ready to go out or something!!

Today, I was trying to get her to take a nap as she had been up from 4am to 6am last night.  She and I were lying down on a blanket at Auntie Michelle and Uncle Scott's house.  She wrapped me up and started patting me.  "I rub you.  Now I go.  I come back in 5 minutes (holding up all ten fingers!)"  and off she went to visit with Auntie Michelle. We had a great visit with Scott and Michelle and they kindly let us stay there to wait for Elizabeth and Daddy Pete.
Good thing too, as their luggage was delayed due to a fuel spill at the airport!!  It has been that kind of week for the two of them- I am pretty sure they will be glad to be back home again!
So, all in all, it has been a fun week, other than the lack of sleep!
This tired Grammie will be glad to get some sleep tonight!!