you know when you have too much to do...and then things start falling apart?

ya, well, then you can relate to my week!  I drove down to Lethie to move my daughter who is going to college.  I decided to stay an extra day to get a bit of rest and visit with whatever kids of mine were there a bit more and look at eyeglasses and buy a couch.
#1got rest
#2 visited a bit but mostly helped pick apples which was good.
#3 found some glasses I really liked, but they were too pricey so I ordered a pair that I didn't like so much (why?) and instantly regretted it. #totalwasteoftime
#4 didn't buy the couch because hubby pointed out that money is going to be tight as so far I only got 1 scholarship for school, and no loans or grants.  Good point, honey, even though I really LOVED that couch!

I got back later last night feeling exhausted and knowing that there was more than plenty to do as I am holding an open house for my daughter and her husband this weekend at my house- which is messy, and unorganized, and not ready for bunches of people.
I decided to enjoy a hot relaxing bath before bed to unwind.  About two minutes into the bath, I distinctly hear running water.  Now, I am in the basement so I shouldn't hear anything like that.  I lay there trying to talk myself out of getting up and checking on it, but I couldn't do it.  And that was pretty much the end of my rest as there was water spurting out of the water manifold on the hot water heater, and about two inches of water on the furnace room floor.  Hubby and son had been downstairs a lot over the weekend, but unlike the momma, they didn't notice the wet wood smell and the sound of running water.

Good thing I came home, too bad I didn't come home earlier.

Well, it is now 24 hours later and we still don't have running water. I had invited the sister missionaries from our church over for supper.  What can you cook with no running water?
 Pizza from Panago served on paperplates with salad that had lettuce washed in water from the water cooler. Not too tough.
After supper, I took a 20 gallon pail over to my neighbors house (THANKS GUYS!) and filled it with hot water so we could do the dishes.
Ron headed over to some friends house (THANKS TO YOU GUYS AS WELL) to have a shower.

Oh yea, I had to go to the dentist today: endodontist.  He said that I indeed need dental surgery as I have an inflammation about the root tip of my tooth.  It can't happen until the middle of October which means I will have to go back to school after the surgery.  It is just local anesthetic and stitches in the gum afterwards, shouldn't be TOO painful.  I just hope that midterms don't hit around the same time.

well, enough complaining!
time to get out of the chair and actually do something!


  1. I've had the dental surgery and it wasn't a big deal other than time in the chair. Hope it's as easy for you! Love you!


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