A little update

School is in full swing, for both me and the boys...and by boys I am including the biggest boy as well!  When our granddaughter lived here, she thought everyone everywhere went to school! After all, her mommy went to school, her grandma and grandpa went to school and even her auntie and uncles went to school: that is just what you did when you got bigger!  Her world is shaken now as her new poppa goes to work!! I don't know if she has figured that out yet!
Our days begin at 6am, well, at least mine does.  I get up so I can beat Ron to the eliptical!  I get my 20 minutes in and then do my stretches while he starts his time.  Then it is off to nab the shower before he gets there!  Then there is scripture reading, journal writing, prayers, priority setting and seminary lesson planning.  In between all that, I drive J to seminary, wake S up, start whatever needs to be cooked for lunches and wake S up again!
By 7:45 we are eating breakfast, usually made by Ron and have prayers and scriptures before the bus comes for S at 8:00.  The bus has been a huge blessing...it is just such a definitive event...there is no getting around it.  It comes and it leaves; with or without you and that has made our mornings SO MUCH BETTER than last year.
As the bus pulls away, Ron and J get ready and leave.  And then it is my turn.  Two days a week , I hop in my car and commute to my practicum, and three days I get a few hours to study before I leave for class. On those days, my mom and I do laundry and talk.  We eat an early lunch together and when she goes for an early nap, I am off to classes.
By the time I get to school, I feel I have lived almost an entire day.  I have to switch off my chore brain and switch on my learning brain.  It usually takes awhile to get going.  And then, once it goes, I am so focused on that, that I miss some of the little things....


going into the right classroom.

Last week, I sat in the hallway talking to some social work students and then walked into class with them.  The room looked really different and so I mentioned that the desks were different.  The other girl agreed and mentioned that they were facing a different direction than yesterday. But, they were a different COLOR yesterday, I thought.  Slowly, ever so slowly, my mind starting processing the situation...different color desks...room facing a different direction...teacher's desk in a different corner....


I realized that I was in a different classroom...


I casually walked out the door and then ran to get to the right hallway and sure enough,
in the right room, the desks were still yellow, and the teachers desk was in the right corner,
and there were my classmates.
Well, at least I wasn't late!!


  1. Hahaha! at least you can laugh about it! Love you and I admire all that you're doing. HUGS!! God bless!


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