It's a long snowy road....going to college!

One of my lovely daughters who lives 4 hours south of me called this morning to say that they were having a winter snowstorm.  When she asked how things were here, I said we only had a sciff of icing sugar...on the lawns, although the roads were white. It all looked good, but I knew that the storm was forecast to be coming our way, so I gave myself extra time to get into Red Deer to school.  I was not surprised to find the roads in town were pretty slippery; stopping at the stop signs was a half a block effort in my winter-tire-less little car. I have an appointment to change tires on Friday. 

The drive to school includes driving on a major 2 lane divided highway which at first glance seemed pretty clear.  However, I soon realized that the driving lanes were icy and very slick.  Without winter tires,my car kept sliding all over the highway...switching back and forth as the wind would push it.  It was just too light and it just couldn't get a grip on the road.  I slowed down to 60 km/hr thinking that would do the trick, but alas, I kept slipping all over the road.  Every time a semi-truck would pass me, the wind would push me and get the car swaying back and forth, threatening to completely lose control.   

I became concerned about how I was ever going to get up the hill just past Blindman River so I pulled over on the highway...and cried...because I had a big test in school today and I didn't know how my professor would react. But I didn't think risking my life for an exam was worth it, so I decided to turn around and go back home. 

I called my mechanic and begged for him to put on my winter tires today instead of Friday and he agreed to- yes, he is a wonderful guy.   So I promptly drove home and went to the shed to get the winter tires out...which I couldn't get open.  It was time for a new door knob last year, but it just never made it to the top of the priority list! It was time for another call, this time to my dear sweet husband to again beg for help. (oh yes, and cried again) It just happened to be his lunch time (big blessing as he couldn't have left during the day while he was teaching) and he came home without eating and got the crazy shed door open for me. We quickly got tires and car to the shop, hubby dropped me off on the way home, and I am now sitting here in my warm quiet house in the middle of the day...which hardly ever happens.  
I am grateful for being vulnerable and for asking for help and for those people who stepped up to help me!

Here is the link to a great TED talk by Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability!

And my professor texted me back and said that she will make other arrangements for me to write the exam- WHEW!