Take time to appreciate

I have been a bit of a grouch lately, worried about school and all that I have to do, and then trying to make sure to put the important people in my life in the proper place and then getting super stressed about the whole process.
Today, I just tried to let go of it all.  As I was in church today, I felt a wonderful sense of peace and comfort...I knew who I needed to lean on...and that I needed to quit trying to do everything by myself...it wasn't working...I knew it wasn't working....so I needed to try a different way.  I spend today appreciating all the things that are done for me by the people around me who love me.  An attitude change...yes....just what I needed.  
I felt so much better as I realized what I needed to change....and felt like I can keep going.
Only 6 weeks left......I can do it...I can do it...

and yes, I know this is poorly written, but all the good stuff is taken in essays and poems that were handed in...this is all that is left in my brain for tonight!!!