Time to get your craft on

First I need to find a voice...literally. I got laryngitis and it is crazy to not be able to talk and then to see the resulting whispers of everyone around you when you are whispering.  A good reminder as a parent...both yelling and whispering are catching! Which would I rather hear around my house?!

Despite that, I had my convocation for my social work diploma...it was very nerve wracking....just ask my hair dresser!! I totally had a little melt down there before my grad.  But thanks to two of my daughters who helped me dress via instagram and three way phone calling...and another daughter who brought her little girl and hubby to help celebrate, I made it through.  And of course, the support of my terrifically supportive husband helped me get through the whole diploma...all three years of it! And he was pretty patient when I was wound up about going to my convocation!

Turns out, when I got there, that I was on the President's Honor Roll for both semesters...so that was pretty exciting!

And now, it is time to get a bunch of stuff done here around the house...

like the pictures on the stairway going upstairs...which is started but not finished....

the picture wall in the dining room ...which is started but not finished..

are you catching the theme?!