what has happened since graduation?

Graduation over, I was so exhausted I could barely keep going.  PTSD...post traumatic school disorder!!
I didn't do any housework, as Ron said, it was either crafts or traveling to see the grandkids and marrieds. I had a wonderful trip to Utah with my sisters and Mom for my aunt's funeral. While we had a wonderful time, it was a sad time as she was still fairly young and so full of love and energy. She always reminded me of my Grandma Rose, her mom. One of my favorite places to visit is there with my aunt and uncle. 
In my aunt's bathroom was a vase of silk sweet peas...my favorite flower because of my Grandma's garden. I loved to visit Grandma's garden and smell the sweet peas while I picked strawberries. After supper, Grandma Rose would serve them up with vanilla ice-cream. We would smash the strawberries into the ice-cream, something we were never allowed to do at home! That made it all the more tasty!

We had a lot of fun as a family over summer. First Ron and I went to Arizona where we had another great visit with our fav niece and nephews there!! We came back to Lethbridge to pick up the kids and head off to Fairmont for 10 days of family fun.  We had some quiet time with one married family before the rest came.  It was a crazy adventure that was filled with ice-cream, hiking and fun.  We packed up and came back home for a youth camp for the boys.  While they were gone, we unpacked, did tons and tons of laundry, and sort of cleaned up.  When the boys got back, J was supposed to go back to L-town to work, BUT he sprained his ankle VERY bad and was supposed to be on crutches.   We also got to see another favorite nephew at his wedding reception: the best part was seeing all the rest of my favorite nieces and nephews!! Did you figure out that I love them all?!!! They are all fantastic!! 
Jonathan ended up coming home sooner as he couldn't work which was really nice. We had missed having him here.
When we finally settled back into the home routine, I had lots to keep me busy making arrangements for S to move from B.C. to Alberta. That finally happened on Sept. 3 which included a trip to L-town for me and him.  It was nice to see him, but a lot of stress as well trying to get supports in place. Made it back home in time to...start school again.

I worried myself sick over the first assignment because the past year was SO FANATICALLY demanding.  I nearly dropped out, but every time I prayed about it, I knew that I needed to keep going. 

Well, I did and am I ever glad because this year turned out to be SO MUCH easier than the past year.  I was told it was a repeat of the last two years, and that is what it has turned out to be.  Sometimes the material even gets a bit boring...and I send messages via facebook to other students in the class...about homework of course!
This has given me some time to reflect on important things in life: how to simplify my life...my entire existence.  I decided that what was not important had to go...which probably should include  facebook and pinterest and instagram ha ha ha. Okay, get real, what I decided was that I needed balance in my life...30 minutes of devotional time needs to happen before I even start  up the computer.  As I have done this, I have had a lot of impressions about the direction I need to go.  
Anyways, lots of good things happening!