These are a few of my favorite Christmas time!

  1. Singing Christmas carols....I don't know if the people sitting in front of us at church yesterday  appreciated our four part harmonious zeal but I sure loved being a part of it!
  2. Driving around looking at Chrismtas of the perks of driving S home each night is that I get to see some of the luminous displays on the way. 
  3. I know I put this one third, but it should be first...spending time with my kids and grandkids.  It was great to have everyone here on Sunday for a family dinner, visiting and gift exchange. While I do enjoy seeing everyone, it is hard to get one on one time, so we will be taking our time driving home so that we can stop at everyone's houses and visit. It is amazing to see who these kids are growing up to be. When people ask me why I had so many kids, I always reflect on the impact responsible, caring people can have on the world and hope that these people I was priviledged to be a part of raising will have that kind of influence. 
  4. There is nothing like being bowled over with the hugs of enthusiastic bundles of grandkids calling out for Grammie!
  5. The simmering spirit of Christmas that infuses everything we do this time of year
  6. Watching Christmas movies...old ones, new ones, corny ones, silly ones: it really doesn't matter what kind! (well, those of you that know me well, know I can't watch scary whole body convulses as I try to endure them!!)
  7. Turning the house lights off and enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree: I could sit there all night soaking in the reflection of happiness.
  8. Peeling open the scriptures and discovering tasty little gems of juicy wisdom.
  9. Matching Christmas jammies which I can wear without guilt all day long! 
  10. Having no schedule...and all the delicacies that go along with sleeping in until eleven and playing games late into the night!!
  11. talking on skype with my missionary daughter and watching the miracle of mission maturation.Displaying IMG_0219.JPG
  12. Reflecting on the Savior and my relationship with Him: His giving me power to overcome anything and me working on giving Him my will...lifelong learning!
  13. And because this is my favorite number, I will end here with time visiting friends, either in real life or through facebook. I have so many wonderful people in my life that fill my days with their tales of overcoming and learning and acceptance. Thanks to all of you!