School is over for a few weeks

    Whew! Actually that doesn't even come close to describing how I feel at having a few weeks off before I start the last semester of my degree!!!  It has been a long five years and I can't believe I actually started down this path...what was I thinking?!! Trying to juggle an over-sized family, playing for choir, teaching Sunday school, giving piano lessons, taking boys to piano lessons,  voice lessons, basketball. sprinkled all over with scouts and Friday night youth dances. Just thinking about it is enough to drive me crazy!
    But, with the great support of my husband, here I am, sitting at the end of another school semester, bewildered at how I actually pulled this off. This year has been especially hard: I was in a car accident at the end of August and suffered a concussion which I actually didn't realize until a few months later when my mind was still jumping all around and hurting when I tried any kind of deep thinking (read: major problem when you are going to school and working on developing research proposals). The long and short of it is that I am going to have to settle for lower than an A this semester, my brain just couldn't pull off an A. In fact, my brain could barely pull off anything and there were many times when I was ready to pull the plug and drive home and be done with school.
    With all those challenges, you can begin to imagine the complete relief and amazement I felt when I handed in my last essay yesterday afternoon!!
    So now what? What are my plans for the next three weeks? Well, let's give you a taste of what is exploding around here right now:
Simple place to start: getting those decorations out of the box and onto the walls

Using that collection of spray paint to finish up the

gallery wall!!

    This morning when J tripped over a picture frame in the front hall, he commented on how it was so unique that our house was filled with picture frames....and we both laughed as we pointed out frames in the living room, front hall, on the stairs, by the dining room table and in the computer nook. I am actually sure that my obsession   collection is spread over the entire house by now!!

    I am just SO EXCITED to actually get down to business and start CREATING!!!